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Congratulations !

Whether your baby is already born or still awaited, we at All Saints congratulate you. We wish you and your family every joy and blessing - especially for the small new member!

You must be very proud.  We are sure that you love your new baby very much - and as good parents you want to do the very best for your baby. Baptism (also called Christening) is part of this - and we will be very proud and happy to give your child a loving welcome as a new Christian. Most important of all, God loves your baby.

What to do first

Get in touch with the Rector or the Parish Office, if you haven't already done so. The sooner you get in touch, the better. It is important to consult us about the date and time of the Christening before you fix it with your family and friends.

Date and Times

Whenever possible Baptisms ought to be celebrated when the congregation is there to welcome the new member, because this is a very important part of what Baptism is about. With this in mind, at present, we normally celebrate Baptisms during certain services at 10:30 at All Saints’ Church, or occasionally at 9.00 the Chapel of Saint Mary and Saint John, King Edward's Hall in North Ascot. Baptisms do not generally take place during Advent (the 4 weeks before Christmas) or Lent (the 6 weeks before Easter).  We can discuss dates and times when you contact us.


It is the godparents' responsibility to support you in bringing your child to be made a member of the Church, and in making the promises. They should also share with you the responsibility of bringing up your child as a Christian - that is, as someone who knows and loves Jesus. This is a very demanding task, and you should choose godparents who will be able and willing to take a lot of trouble over helping your child to grow into a friend of Jesus.

Godparents must themselves have been baptised, and normally they should be regular churchgoers. They don't have to belong to the Church of England: if they do, they should usually have been confirmed. It is usual to have at least two godparents of the same sex as the child, and one of the opposite sex. You can have as many more as you wish.


From the moment we know that you want your child baptised, we will print his or her name on our weekly prayer-list and your child will be prayed for by name at services in the Parish. Many people take a copy of the list away with them, and will be praying for your child in their own personal prayers as well.

Early in the preparation one of the clergy and a member of the Baptism Team will be arrange to visit you at home, to make friends with you and your family, and to discuss any queries you may have about the service.

A word about our buildings. All Saints' Church belongs to a parish in the Church of England. We also have a beautiful modern chapel (the Chapel of Saint Mary and Saint John) attached to King Edward's Hall, in North Ascot. We celebrate Baptisms in both places. Do go in, and have a look around: information is available in both buildings.

If you live in another parish, or if you belong to a different church, you should generally have the Baptism in your own parish. If you have difficulty in finding a priest or minister of your own church, we shall be glad to put you in touch.

When you get in touch with us, we will tell you much more, to help you to think through what you are doing, and prepare for this very important day in your baby's life - and in your own.

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