We Give Because He First Gave

Regular giving helps All Saints' Church meet its planned expenditure during the year.Money image

If you wish to give to All Saints' Church through one of our Planned Giving schemes, or change your level of giving, you can get information and forms from the contacts and links below.

Details may also be obtained from the Parish Office.

  • If you wish to give through the weekly Envelope Scheme, please contact Peter Cleare on 01344 622086.
  • If you wish to give by Standing Order, please contact our treasurer, or download a standing order mandate here  and send it to your bank. If you have online banking, you can usually set up a standing order yourself using our details provided on the mandate.
  • If you are a UK tax payer, you can increase the value of your giving through the Gift Aid Scheme - you can get details from our treasurer, or download the Gift Aid Declaration here and return it to the Parish Office.

By making a Pledge for your giving, you can help All Saints to plan its expenditure better - you can get details from the Parish Office.

If you feel unable at this time to attend public services at All Saints, especially if you usually give by the weekly envelope scheme,  we would appreciate any giving you can make via our Paypal link below.



Giving your time

This is as important as giving your money!  If it wasn't for the dozens of people who give their time on a regular or ad-hoc basis, our church life wouldn't be as rich as it is.  Please give some of your time, even if only for an hour, so that we can achive miracles.clock

I can't come into church to volunteer - why not help with the web site, do administration on one of the rotas, make phone calls?

I can't commit regularly - could you help with Ascot week parking or catering. Look out for appeals for help, or spot a job you could do and offer to do it?

There are lots of ways we can all help.  Please join in. 


All Saints’ Church hall solar panel project

We believe it is important to show that our church is concerned about the consequences of the climate crisis and action needs to be taken by all of us. So, we have installed solar panels on the roofs of our two church halls. This will be a clear message that we want to improve our sustainability & lessen our reliance on fossil fuels.

Thank you for all your donations towards this project, which is now fully subscribed.

Click here for more information.


All Saints’ Church service live streaming project

We believe that the live streaming of our Church services will become an important part of our support for those at home and for our mission of outreach. We would really appreciate a donation to help bring this to fruition.

Thank you for all your donations towards this project, which is now fully subscribed.

Click here for more information.


All Saints’ Church General Fund Giving Page

Running our church buildings and providing the support services to our community is an expensive operation and we need a regular flow of funds to support us.
Could you help support our work either with a one off or regular donation?

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.  Matthew 6:21

I would like to make a donation - click here Donate to AS Church general funds

I would like to know more - click here for more information.


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