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Lent at the Movies

This year in Lent we will return to a programme which enjoyed real success a few years ago. We will watch and discuss five movies. Like the previous Lent when we did this, we will not watch the whole film together. Rather, everyone will be encouraged to watch the film on their own, or with family or friends or other parishioners, before coming together to watch selected scenes and to discuss the films.

Five films have been chosen which should encourage thoughtful discussion of our Christian faith from a variety of perspectives. We have selected two “Jesus” films,

The Passion of the Christ and The Life of Brian. The former is Mel Gibson’s harrowing

re-telling of Jesus’ final days. The latter, of course, is Monty Python’s hilariously irreverent account of a certain Brian whose life parallels that of Christ.

The three other films are set in the contemporary period. The Railway Man tells the story of a British army officer who, having suffered as a prisoner of war in Burma, later confronts the Japanese officer who tortured him. Philomena similarly dwells on the theme of forgiveness and redemption, but this film is comedy about an Irish woman and a reporter who covers her story as she seeks to find a son she gave up to adoption in her youth. Ushpizin is a heart-warming story set in the ultra-Orthodox neighbourhoods of Jerusalem. It tells of down and out husband and wife who struggle to pay their bills, long for a child and host unexpected guests during the festival of Sukkot (Tabernacles).

“Lent at the Movies” will meet every Monday in March at 7:30, in All Saints’ Hall. Come and join us!


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