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UPDATE 16th October 2020

19th Sunday after Trinity - St Luke the Evangelist  - Sunday 18th October 10.30am

You are invited to a Livestream of Mass for the Feast of St Luke the Evangelist at 10.30am  from the Rectory with Fr Darrell presiding.

The service will take place on the website  or via the App if you have downloaded it.

Contact the Parish office on 01344 884686 or for the link to the Livestream.

A copy of the Order of Service can be seen here.

If you are unable to login to Zoom to view the service, you can join in by phone.   Contact the Parish Office for further details.


Oxford Diocese -  Church at Home service for the 19th Sunday after Trinity.

Oxford Diocese will continue Church at Home services for the foreseeable future, as there will be many among us who need to isolate for many more months to come.

See  for details on how to access the livestreams/YouTube services.


The Men's Breakfast group continue to meet weekly. For the time being meetings take place on Zoom on Saturday afternoons at 2pm. Contact the Parish Office for the Meeting ID and Password if you have not already received them and would like to join in.


Youth Confirmation

Youth Confirmation Classes will start on Sunday 1st November 4pm - 5pm via Zoom. If a young person in your family is interested, please contact Fr Darrell. Please note that the age of ten is usually regarded as a good minimum.


APCM – Wednesday 21st October 2020  7.30 pm by Zoom

The link to the meeting will be given out in the weekly email. Please contact the Parish Office if you do not receive the weekly email and would like to attend the meeting.

A copy of the Annual Report and Financial Statement of the Parochial Church Council for the year ending 31st December 2019 can be seen here.

On p2 are the agendas for the Annual Vestry Meeting and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.



Music during Communion

We have been blessed with the variety of music supplied by our choir and musicians during our Zoom services and the accompanying images and videos. If you'd like to listen again to these we have made some available via Dropbox at this link.



In October 2020 the Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft, Bishop of Oxford, wrote to all the clergy, every chaplaincy and school, and all the people in the Diocese of Oxford about the immensely challenging winter ahead.

Living well through the next six months - Living with COVID-19 will be hard for everyone this winter. The Prime Minister has asked us all to observe the Rule of Six. There are lessons and challenges that Christians can draw from this number to help us live well in these times.

Bishop Steven's Letter can be found at



A series of reflective podcasts by Bishop Steven has been published online. A new series of podcasts for the autumn: comfortable words.

The title is taken from the opening verses of Isaiah 40-55 (and also for a well-known part of the Prayer Book liturgy for Holy Communion). Each episode will begin from a passage of scripture taken from this part of the Book of Isaiah which begins with the unknown prophet’s call:

“Comfort, O comfort my people says your God
Speak tenderly to Jerusalem and cry to her….”

The focus of the songs in Isaiah 40-55 is helping God’s people to sing the Lord’s song in a strange land. I hope and pray the podcasts will be helpful to the Church across the Diocese of Oxford and more widely as we find our voice again in the midst of the pandemic.

Episode 3 Do not be afraid

Look back over the last six months and reflect for a moment. What part has fear played in your own life and your life’s journey? What part is anxiety playing now in the key decisions of your life? Does it have too loud a voice? Does all of that fear and caution have the support of reason? Are there inner fears which you are keeping buried deep inside and cannot name or talk through with those closest to you? Are those chains of fear shaping the decisions you make in your work or your Christian service?

If that is the case, listen to the word of the Lord to you: “Do not fear, for I am with you. Do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand”.

Episodes can be downloaded from Bishop Steven's blog at


Pathways magazine

The latest edition of Pathways is out now. Issue 5 focusses on the climate emergency and it’s a digital-only edition, download the PDF or read the articles online here.



Thoughts from a Cloistered House - Canon Dr Grant Bayliss writes about spiritual communion for Anglicans here.  What can we do when we cannot physically partake of the bread and wine at communion?



Spiritual Communion

We have been forced since the lockdown to celebrate the Mass only virtually and to share communion only "spiritually".  But what is "Spiritual communion"?  What is the Biblical basis for it?  Is there a Biblical basis for it?  Could we celebrate communion in some other manner during the lockdown, when we can only have virtual services?  Fr Darrell would be happy to offer a Bible Study/theological discussion over Zoom some evening if there is interest in the parish for exploring these questions.  Please email or ring him if you would like to participate in such a study.



The Ministry team have compiled a Prayer Walk  for the local Ascot area in Lockdown. It's a Litany for an imagined walk from All Saints’ Church down to Ascot High Street then back along Winkfield Road and Windsor Road. This can be prayed while sitting quietly and imagining the landmarks one passes on the route.

The Prayer Walk can be seen here.

Please pass a copy on to any neighbours who will be unable to access the sheet for themselves.



Copies of Sunday sermons

Sunday 2nd August can be seen here.

Sunday 9th August can be seen here.

Sunday 16th August can be seen here.

Sunday 23rd August can be seen here.

Sunday 30th August can be seen here.

Sunday 6th September can be seen here.

Sunday 13th September can be seen here.

Sunday 20th September can be seen here.

Sunday 27th September can be seen here.

Sunday 4th October can be seen here.

Sunday 11th October can be seen here.



Funerals - The Church of England has produced a simple reflection that can be used at home on the day of a funeral you can't attend. It's so difficult when you can’t go to a funeral, whether for family, friend or neighbour. Many are facing this in the current crisis, so this short reflection has been specially written by a vicar for you to do at home, alone or with those who share your home. You might ask others to take part at the
same time from their home
It is available to see here.




The Ministry team has compiled a 'Worship at Home'  Booklet which can be downloaded here

If it is not possible for people to worship together, the various Church of England apps for Daily Prayer and Reflections are a wonderful resource and unite us in prayer.

Alongside them, we have crafted two simple acts of worship, particularly geared to those who are isolated or housebound, or who are unable to attend church.

Bishop Steven of Oxford has suggested that we say Psalm 23 The Lord is My Shepherd every day during the COVID-19 crisis.  This is included in the text for Morning Prayer on page 4.

Fr Darrell has suggested that, also during this time, we could take the opportunity to develop a pattern of regular Bible reading.  During the Morning Prayer (on page 5), you may like to re-reread through some books of the Bible, possibly starting with one of the Gospels: Mark or Luke, Matthew or John.  You could then read another Gospel or move on to the Acts of the Apostles; and then to one of the Epistles or Genesis and Exodus.

You may wish to pray morning and evening prayers with the Ministry Team. One of us will be praying on most days between 09:00-10:00, around 19:00 and around 22:00.



Bishop Steven has suggested that we pray through Psalm 23 at 11am each day.



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